Redskins Draft Strategy and more

As Thursday's NFL Draft edges closer for the Redskins who currently hold the 4th wayback machine , Washington has many decisions to make from which players to keep or trade to whether the pick is dealt to acquire additional picks. We at The DC Sports Page in kolapadaar have come to our own conclusions regarding possible moves as we've listed below:

Trading Down To Acquire More Picks:

Allen and Shanahan have already made sound and reasonable decisions that sometimes were lacking in the previous administration at Redskins Park. With so many holes to fill at once during a deep draft year, the Redskins will definitely be looking to move down in the draft to gain more picks for the ones lost in the 2nd round (part of McNabb trade) and the 3rd round (due to the supplemental draft last year of DE Jarmon).

Cleveland is rumored to make a move to acquire Bradford with the #1 pick, since St. Louis has been unable to sign the QB prior to the draft. Without teams looking to move up to draft Clausen the Skins could have a tough sell. Their best ally would be the Lions. Yes, Detroit could draft an OL allowing one of the elite DT's to fall to the 4th Pick. Teams may want to move up and thus the Redskins could still acquire a top OL in the top ten and pick up an additional pick.

Seattle (6, 14) or San Francisco (13, 17) would make ideal trade partners with Washington as both teams have two first round draft picks, but this sounds more like a fantasy trade than anything else. Haynesworth, Portis, Campbell, or McIntosh could also enter the equation to make such a bold move.

Dropping down too far for additional picks wouldn't solve the long term issues the team faces. It still needs an elite LT, as well as a LB, S, and cover corner. Once Okung, Bulaga, and Williams come off the board the OT situation becomes a little more murky. Washington should retain their #4 overall pick if their only option to trade down is to fall out of the top 15 resulting in the top OL, ILB, RB, and DT falling off the board but trading to add more quality players via the top three rounds in draft should be a top priority.